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AEM cube

Connecting individuals and the process of growth

What skills do your people need to perform? Create your own programme based upon your unique requirements.

There can be no doubt that successful teams contribute to organisational performance – and conversely, poor performing teams create significant risks to an organisation’s growth and success.

Everyone has the talent to contribute to change and growth but no individual can, nor should expect to, contribute to everything optimally.



The AEM cube is a psychometric tool that helps organisations to see at a glance the strategic diversity the team possesses to deliver its current performance goals – and research shows that teams perform better when they are cognitively diverse.

‘AEM’ is derived from the tool’s three core dimensions – Attachment, Exploration, and Management of Complexity. Individuals score differently along these three dimensions, demonstrating that we look at the world differently, and we each have a different “comfort zone”.  We can plot our position in two dimensions along an S curve or in three dimensions within a cube.  

The tool can be used with executive, management and project teams to:


    • Create alignment of teams to maximise performance
    • Allow teams to evaluate what, and in what way, each individual can best contribute to the goals of the team in terms of performance, rather than personality or behaviour
    • Provide insight into the talent that people have for contributing to growth, or change

    All AEM programmes can be woven into your existing learning and development framework.

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