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Insights Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership is all about people – and it’s kind of fundamental that those in leadership roles can build and maintain effective relationships. Insights Leadership Effectiveness builds self awareness for leaders who, once they recognise their own style, can start to develop their impact, engage others and create relationships that lead to better performance and results.

What is it?
Insights Leadership effectiveness aims to develop leaders who inspire others to excel, focusing on raising their self awareness of their own unique leadership style and impact on others. Practical and engaging with hands on realistic activities to challenge mindset and create real strategies for development.

Who is it for?
Suitable for any leader at any level looking to develop their leadership skills both as individuals and within leadership teams.

How does it work?
Working with leaders to explore their personal leadership style and unique value through a series of workshops and/or coaching sessions. Leaders learn how their individual styles and preferences manifest themselves in their leadership, enabling them to examine their effectiveness in each of these areas. Leaders will have practical resources to help them improve their relationships with teams and stakeholders.

Ways to use it

Building strong and emotionally intelligent leaders and leadership teams, leadership team dynamics, developing interpersonal skills and building better relationships and engagement.


What’s the impact?
Leaders develop skills and capability to build levels of engagement, trust and teamwork to produce improved and sustainable business results.

How does your colour blend influence your
leadership style?

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