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Insights Team Effectiveness

Want to build better relationships on your team? Or maybe you want to focus on improving team performance. Insights Team Effectiveness can be tailored to meet your team’s requirements, and however you apply it, you’ll see lasting team and business results

What is it?

Insights Team effectiveness drives better team performance by bringing teams together to explore their team ‘blend’ and work on ways to improve ways of working and team relationships.

Who is it for?

Suitable for new teams, existing teams who want to improve their effectiveness, teams who have recently had new members, any team looking to build better relationships or improve team performance.

How does it work?

This module works with the unique team blend to explore its impact on performance and relationships and how they can be improved. With practical exercises and a high level of interaction on the Insights 72 type wheel, team members are more able to recognise how the team dynamic works and develop strategies to improve it.

Ways to use it

Building team relationships, working on team culture and dynamic, improving overall team performance and effectiveness.


What’s the impact?
Teams are equipped to have a more honest team environment and better working relationships, recognise and leverage strengths and use the cognitive diversity of the team to deliver great performance and results.

How is your team blend impacting
overall performance?

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