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Introduction to Insights

Insights is all about getting to know what makes us and other people tick – helping us to build personal effectiveness and developing better relationships as a result.

What is it?
The Introduction to Insights is designed to give participants a good understanding of the Insights model, as well as practical ways they can apply the model to their day to day interactions with others – whether that be at work or home. Participants will experience a highly interactive and fun workshop that will both engage and equip them to hit the ground running.

Who is it for?
Suitable for individuals or groups at the start of their Insights journey, teams who are looking to build relationships through better awareness of self and others.

How does it work?
From understanding how perception and judgement can impact relationships, to an in depth exploration of the four colour energies and personal preferences, the workshop uses interactive activities to raise levels of self awareness, and awareness of others using both individual profiles and group exercises. With a focus on practical application and real life examples, participants get to grips with the model quickly and easily.

Ways to use it
Raising self awareness to more successfully manage impact for better personal and business effectiveness, building awareness of others and improving interactions with colleagues, peers and amongst teams.


What’s the impact?
Individuals who have improved emotional intelligence, managing their own impact and improving relationships with others, a simple common language and approach that takes the pain out of honest communications.

What’s your unique blend of colours?

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